INDIANAPOLIS — Nurses at the NICU at the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital had a fun time celebrating Halloween with newborn quadruplets and this one was a salute to a famous couple’s fandom.

The local Indy family is awaiting the discharge of their four new little ones who were just welcomed into the world about six weeks ago. This is just an expansion of their current family size.

“We knew it was a possibility but definitely weren’t expecting four,” said Jacob Ross, the children’s father. “We’re doing good, preparing for them to come home.”

To celebrate the holiday this week at the children’s hospital, the babies are celebrating in a way that never goes out of style.

The babies represent the fandom that is the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and famous American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

A hospital nurse told FOX59/CBS4, “different eras for each girl, then obviously Travis for the boy.”

Avery paid homage to Swift’s “Reputation Tour” which featured a snake theme. She had snakes on her outfit, since she reportedly had a “beat to her own drum” ever since she was born.

Bristol was the “Debut” era because the nurse said she seemed like the “little sweet country girl.”

“And then Harper is fearless and she is tiny but she is definitely mighty and she is fearless,” the nurse added.

Baby Jack had the special task of portraying Kelce as the boyfriend [the couple has never confirmed they’re officially dating] of Swift. The nurse even made him a little mustache for his pacifier.

The Ross family credited the NICU nurses for the costumes and an unforgettable first Halloween.

“I call them angels that take care of our babies. When they came up with this idea, we thought it was hilarious and the night we came for pictures, we were just laughing, loving every minute of it,” the father said.

The Ross family already had twins and the quadruplets were born at 28 weeks, five days. Their original due date was Dec. 13 and that’s when they’re expected to be able to go home.

It also happens to be Swift’s birthday.

Nick McGill contributed to this story.