INDIANA — Whether it is memorable political debates, legendary bank heists or aviation records, Indiana has some history when it comes to October 23.

While the Hoosier state may be overlooked by some as a flyover state or a large cornfield – it does have a special place in history, specifically on this date.

Female flight in Fort Wayne

On this day over a century ago, Blanche S. Scott became the first woman to make a public solo airplane flight at a park in Fort Wayne.

Reaching an altitude of 12 feet, the Rochester, New York native achieved this accomplishment on Oct. 23, 1910.

Dillinger’s biggest heist

On Oct. 23, 1933, notorious criminal John Dillinger and his gang robbed Central National Bank in Greencastle.

According to Depauw University, it was suggested the heist netted $75,000, although Dillinger said the take was $32,000. Either way, the heist proved to be the largest cash grab in Dillinger’s career.

Senate debate comments

The next historical Oct. 23 event for Indiana, a memorable moment from a political debate, comes more recently; 10 years ago today in fact. As the Associated Press writes:

“During a debate with Democratic rival Joe Donnelly, Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said that when a woman becomes pregnant during rape, ‘it is something that God intended to happen’.”

The AP notes that other Republican candidates quickly moved to distance themselves from Mourdock following the comments. Mourdock went on to lose the November election to Donnelly.

Notable history events this week

In addition to these historical Hoosier events from Oct. 23, this week will mark other major milestones in Indy history.

This includes the death of notable stage actor and Plainfield native Forrest Tucker on Oct. 25, 1986, as well as the 23rd anniversary of Market Square Arena’s closure in downtown Indianapolis on Oct. 24.

Additionally, former Indiana University basketball coach Bob Knight will celebrate his 82nd birthday this week on Oct. 25 and singer and Gary native Randy Jackson, formerly of the Jackson 5, will turn 61 on Oct. 29.