UPDATE (March 29, 2023): The Marion County Public Health Department fully reinstated the Walmart’s food license. All areas are cleared for operation, and the health department will continue to monitor the situation.

LAWRENCE, Ind. – Marion County health officials will inspect a northeast side Walmart Friday after suspending its food license due to evidence of rodents.

According to the Marion County Public Health Department, inspectors went to the Walmart at 10735 Pendleton Pike on Wednesday in response to a consumer complaint.

Inspectors found “significant rodent activity,” including rodent droppings and torn packaging, in different parts of the store. The grocery section, pet food and receiving area were among the places affected.

The health department issued a violation following the inspection and suspended the store’s food license. It also issued a $500 citation.

According to the health department, the food license won’t be reinstated until “rodents/evidence of rodents are eliminated, and the violations are corrected.”

Another inspection is scheduled for Friday (March 24). We reached out to Walmart for comment.

A spokesperson responded with a statement:

“The cleanliness and safety of our stores is a top priority. We have conducted a thorough third-party inspection to address the matter. We want to assure our customers that we will continue to prioritize their health in our stores and are working to immediately resolve this.” 

Walmart spokesperson

Around 4 p.m. Friday, the Marion County Public Health Department released the following statement:

“After reinspection this afternoon of the Walmart located at 10735 Pendleton Pike, the store’s food license remains suspended. Inspectors with Food and Consumer Safety at the Marion County Public Health Department determined that more progress is needed to reinstate the store’s food license. MCPHD will continue to monitor progress toward achieving compliance of violations, and a recheck by the health department is expected to happen next week.” 

Curt Brantingham, Marion County Public Health Department