INDIANAPOLIS — Perry Township schools welcomed a few new bus drivers Saturday after holding their second “Drive the Bus” event.

The event takes anyone who is interested in becoming a bus driver and puts them behind the wheel to give them a feeling of what it is like to drive a school bus. It is part of an effort to hire more bus drivers for the school district, since they have also been affected by the nationwide bus driver shortage.

Drivers say the job is stressful, but also fulfilling.

“We’re important because we are who gets them to school everyday,” Perry Township school bus driver Tamika Morse said. “We are the first face they see in the morning, we’re the last face they see in the afternoon and right now we’re in need of bus drivers.”

Perry Township school officials say they have seen a lot of success with the event, hiring a few new drivers at each event.

Saturday was the only scheduled Drive the Bus event as of right now, but officials said they are considering holding another one later this year.