FORTVILLE, Ind. — Several Hancock County middle schoolers were hospitalized or sent home Friday after having an adverse reaction to edibles taken during class.

According to a release from the Mount Vernon Community School District, 11 middle school students “accepted and ingested edible gummies” during class Friday afternoon and were hospitalized or sent home after having an adverse reaction.

Mt. Vernon Middle School administration was notified around 3 p.m. that a student had given classmates edibles and that a few students had begun “exhibiting symptoms”. EMS crews were called to the school and students began receiving medical treatment.

Fortville police were also contacted to help determine what had happened and how many students were affected. In total, 11 students were determined to have taken the edibles.

According to the school district, the affected students’ parents were contacted and the children were either taken to the hospital or sent home.

MVCSD also clarified that, despite social media rumors, no students died as a result of the edibles.

“While we first focus on student safety, those responsible for endangering our students will be held accountable and disciplined in accordance with our school’s disciplinary procedures,” MVCSC said.

The Fortville Police Department, which responded to the scene and assisted in the school’s investigation, posted on Facebook that the “incident is being investigated”.

One parent whose daughter goes to the middle school said the incident was very frightening. He said he is grateful his daughter was not involved and that no other students were seriously hurt.

“Nobody was hurt, so that’s great,” said parent Joshua Dillard. “Very thankful for that and thankful we weren’t one of those parents that got called that she ingested anything so we’re very lucky.”

Dillard said the incident should spark a larger conversation.

“It doesn’t matter what school you’re at, it’s an important conversation to have with students and you know, our kids,” he said. “I think now she realizes that dad’s not just being over protective or crazy.”

Dillard said he is praying for all students and hopes parents continue to be vigilant after Friday’s incident.

“They were just edible gummies, so they look like gummy bears,” he said. “So I think it’s important that we let students know and let our kids know they have to be vigilant about what’s out there and understand what they could be putting into their mouth.”