UPDATE: The coroner released the cause of death, determining the case to be a homicide. Details here.

BARGERSVILLE, Ind. — Police searching for a missing Indianapolis resident ended up finding a body alongside a Bargersville pond.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Greenwood Police Department and Johnson County Sheriff’s Office were following a lead on the missing person Thursday morning. They had a ping of the last known location of the missing person.

”Basically they check the last area where the phone pinged, so the last area happened to be around this particular area,” said Jeremy Roll with the Bargersville Police Dept.

Photo of Angel Luna released by Johnson Co. Coroner’s Office

When police went to investigate the ping in the area of IN-135 and Clary Blvd S Drive, they discovered a body contacted the Bargersville Police Department to secure the scene.

”When a body is found, the first thing we do is we process the scene,” Roll said. “We call in crime scene investigators, we rope it off, we make sure nobody can get into it.”

On Thursday evening, the Johnson County Coroner’s Office confirmed the deceased was 19-year-old Angel Luna of Indianapolis.

Indiana State Police Missing Person Bulletin said Luna was reported missing out of Indianapolis on Nov. 22, 2022, the same day as his 19th birthday.

Police said that based on the state of the body, it appeared Luna had been laying there for some time. As for how the body could’ve gone unnoticed, Roll said you can’t even see the pond from the road.

”The pond is in an area that’s really well covered, you wouldn’t even know there is a pond there until you see the guardrails,” he said.

Roll said this isn’t usually something you would see in Bargersville. Verle Line, a man who’s home is a few hundred feet from the pond, agrees. Line didn’t know what had happened before talking to FOX59.

”We didn’t figure out what had happened. We thought maybe there had been an accident out there or something,” Line said.

He said he had lived in the home for six years and nothing like this had ever happened. They have rarely heard gunshots and never nearby.

”I guess someone could have gotten shot back there and we wouldn’t have known that,” Line said.

As of the time of this report, police are treating the discovery as a suspicious death investigation.

An autopsy is schedule for Friday morning a 8.