BARGERSVILLE, Ind. – Investigators were unable to determine the cause of a large fire in Bargersville Thursday.

The investigative team included an arson K-9 from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, according to Mike Pruitt with the Bargersville Fire Department. While they completed the work Thursday.

The department said they were unable to determine the cause of the fire. They will need to speak with the homeowner, who remains in critical condition as of the time of this report.

Firefighters were called to the 6600 block of Travis Road around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday after receiving reports of black smoke coming from the residence. Firefighters arrived to find the home fully engulfed.

The home’s narrow drive and poor access to water hindered efforts to extinguish the fire.

Crews reported multiple explosions Wednesday. They found the homeowner near a barn suffering from multiple burns. He was taken to an Indianapolis hospital in critical condition.

First responders had a “safety warning” for the home, Pruitt said. The alert meant emergency responders were aware of a potentially dangerous situation at the location.

Johnson County Sheriff Duane Burgess said police have been called to the home more than once in recent weeks for incidents involving gunfire. Burgess also said guns had been removed from the property at least one time.

Records showed police visited the home seven times in July and three times in August for “various disturbances and checks.”

The property is also home to a dog breeding facility. Several puppies were found in good condition in a kennel outside the home while an adult dog was found running through the property.

There were no signs of neglect or mistreatment, according to Pruitt, and family members were caring for the dogs.