INDIANAPOLIS — Downtown Indianapolis will be busy with several highly anticipated events this Saturday, one of them being Indy Pride.

From the Italian festival, Indians baseball game, concerts and one of the biggest events of the summer: Indy Pride.

One commonly asked question is: ‘Where should I park?’ Officials with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department say you should plan ahead.

“Look ahead at what’s going to be closed,” IMPD Lt. Shane Foley said. “So, give yourself plenty of time.”

Lt. Foley said drivers need to arrive early and stay late because thousands are expected to attend the pride parade. Foley also said you should plan to walk a distance.

“Be sure to identify which routes will be closed,” he said. “The area from Massachusetts Avenue, College Avenue and all the way down to Delaware Avenue is going to be tightly controlled for traffic.”

Foley said that with all the activity happening this weekend, IMPD is keeping its guard up.

“IMPD does a constant assessment of potential threats at these events,” said Foley.

Shelly Snider, the executive director of Indy Pride, said the safest way to get to and from the pride festivities is to take a shuttle bus.

“We have a great partnership with Gate Ten Events and Parking,” Snider said. “Then we will have a shuttle bus run from Gate Ten to down here at the park. A shuttle bus that runs from the parade to the park.”

Indy resident Cassidy Leum said they plan on attending Pride events downtown this year.

“So many people on Mass Ave,” Leum said. “Everyone having fun, eating food and the overall vibe is good.”

Organizers said anyone carrying a bag to the festival needs to make sure it is clear.