INDIANAPOLIS — A few lucky dogs found themselves escaping harm despite being unwilling passengers of a police pursuit that ended in a crash on Thursday.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said officers located a stolen white pickup truck on Thursday which ended up becoming a police pursuit after the driver refused to stop.

The driver didn’t make it far before crashing, according to police. The driver ended up fleeing on foot after wrecking his vehicle which required police to call in assistance from the Wayne Township Fire Department as well as K9 officers and drones.

Police said that after an exhaustive search the suspect was found hiding in a nearby abandoned home.

Left behind in the truck were two puppies and “a momma dog”, according to the Wayne Township Fire Department.

Police said the dogs were “a little shook up” but were taken in by Indianapolis Animal Care Services to be tended to.

Wayne Township Fire Department reassured the worried public that the dogs received “lots of love and affection” before being put into safe hands.

The fire department said one person was transported to the hospital as a result of the crash.