CEDAR LAKE, Ind. — Police in Northwest Indiana are searching for a rifle-toting man who confronted a motorist before fleeing into the woods on Thursday.

According to the Cedar Lake Police Department, the confrontation with the armed subject occurred in the 12700 block of Wicker Avenue (US 41).

Police said the motorist had exited their vehicle when a man wearing a brown jumpsuit and sporting a rifle with a scope greeted them at their door.

After the confrontation, the armed man reportedly fled east across Wicker Avenue into a heavily wooded area, police said.

Cedar Lake officers reportedly searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect. A rifle was located lying in the woods, police said, which investigators believe to be the same rifle described by the motorist.

Police said the rifle wasn’t loaded nor did it have any ammunition with it.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Cedar Lake police at (219) 374-5416.