INDIANAPOLIS — Drivers may want to avoid the area of Allisonville Rd. and I-465 this weekend.

After 9 p.m. on Friday, I-465 eastbound and southbound will be down to one lane starting around Allisonville Rd. and all the way to 56th St. It’s approximately a five mile stretch.

According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, crews will be working to restripe and shift traffic on I-465 southbound.

”Please remain cautious, please remain alert. It is going to go down to a speed limit of 45 miles per hour in this area,” said Kyleigh Cramer with INDOT.

The onramp from Allisonville Rd. to I-465 eastbound will also be closed down completely to traffic this weekend. Cramer said this closure is all about safety.

”This isn’t safe for people to be driving on it with our construction workers on that,” she said.

The onramp from I-69 southbound to I-465 southbound will also be reduced to one lane of traffic.

”We want them to plan ahead and make sure they understand there is going to be a lot more traffic,” Cramer said.

We talked to drivers at a gas station near Allisonville Rd. and I-465. Those we talked to are not looking forward to the traffic this weekend.

”I’m not coming out this weekend, I don’t want to deal with the traffic at all,” said Hydia Johnson, who lives near the Allisonville Rd. onto I-465 onramp.

Johnson said she’s worried about what traffic will look like this weekend in the area.

”On the weekend especially, traffic out here on the weekend is already pretty hectic,” Johnson said.

Cramer said INDOT plans to be done with this work by Sunday evening.

”We want to make sure this isn’t blocking any traffic to make the morning commute on Monday and the weekday difficult,” Cramer said.

Another driver we talked to said he hopes INDOT can finish the work this weekend and that traffic is already bad enough without going down to one lane.

”It’s a parking lot, it doesn’t even move,” the driver said. “One time it took me an hour to get from Keystone to Allisonville road, that’s not right.”

Once the work is done, INDOT can begin to rebuild and add lanes to I-465.

But while the work is going on this weekend, people we gave a heads up to will be avoiding it.

”Well, I’ll just be sticking to the street, if I go anywhere” Johnson said. “I’ll probably just be staying in the house.”

INDOT said they are confident the work can get done this weekend, saying there isn’t too much the weather could do to impact this process.