INDIANAPOLIS- A nationwide crime trend continues to impact Hoosiers who rely on SNAP benefits.

Recipients are being targeted by scammers that are stealing their benefits.

Many low-income households are still without their EBT snap benefits after being robbed out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

 “The struggle is the real baby we’ve been struggling ever since COVID. I depend on them to feed my family and then for them to hack my card in California is crazy, said Shantia Davis.”

Davis says since her card has been hacked, she calls the FSSA weekly to find out when she could be seeing some relief. But she continues to get nowhere.

FSSA says they still don’t know when scam victims could be seeing their money.

“Right now, they’re telling us there is nothing they can do at all. All we can do is file a fraudulent report, said Davis.”

Until this problem can get fixed Davis says the agency told her to file a police report.

Even though food stamp victims are taking a big financial hit IMPD says a police report could help stop future theft.

 “It’s smart to make a police report because when someone tries to use your information that’s a way to document it. So, the next time someone tries to use it you can confirm it wasn’t you, said IMPD SGT. Genae Cook. “

We spoke to Congressman Andre Carson’s Office today. They tell us he remains committed to ensuring no one is denied the essential food assistance that countless Hoosier families rely on.

Anyone who believes they’ve been a victim of skimming can contact the Congressman’s Office at (317) 283-6516 or your local SNAP office.