EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been changed to correctly reflect the status of the owner’s kangaroo permits.

PATTON, Ind. — A pet kangaroo is on the loose in Indiana.

A kangaroo being kept as a pet by a man in Carroll County went missing Sunday afternoon near the towns of Patton and Yeoman in the northwest part of the county, the sheriff’s office said.

Family and friends of the kangaroo’s owner have been searching the surrounding areas, according to police.

Law enforcement and animal control in the area are not aiding in the search for the kangaroo, the sheriff said, but the owner does have proper permits to own kangaroos.

The Carroll County Sheriff said Sunday he believes the male owner keeps two kangaroos, although only one is loose.

If anyone sees the animal, authorities are asking that you do not approach it and instead call 911.

FOX59 has reached out to the owner of the kangaroo for more information and pictures of the pet.