RUSH COUNTY, Ind. — The Indiana State Police say three possible funnel clouds were spotted in Rush County on Wednesday. The Rush County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) believes a tornado may have touched down numerous times in the area.

“We have reports of touchdown. We have video that shows what could possibly be funnel clouds or tornadoes. We won’t know for sure until National Weather Service comes in tomorrow [Thursday] morning,” explained Rush County EMA Director Chuck Kemker. “From what we have seen so far, I can say we have had at least one, if not multiple touchdown sites. It’s going to be determined if it’s one tornado that hit multiple times or multiple tornadoes.”

Several homes were damaged outside of Arlington, Indiana. The devastation saw roofs ripped from homes, massive trees down, and barns tossed with ease. Paul Morrell’s wife and two-year-old granddaughter were hunkered in his home when the storm hit outside of Arlington.

“Everybody is okay, and everything can be replaced. They were in the bathroom in an interior portion of the home,” said Morrell. “The roof is gone. I got a ton of trees down or uprooted. My camper has been blown about 50 feet with a tree on top of it. There is a tree back there that is probably 100 feet tall, and it’s laying on its side uprooted. The root ball is 10-12 foot tall.”

There are so many trees down on his property that a tree service estimated it would cost $18,000 to chop up and take care of all the debris.

The Posey Township Volunteer fire station had chunks of the roof torn off. No one was at the station at the time, and there are no reports of injuries.

“From my reports here, the firehouse has taken the majority of the damage you see behind me,” said Sgt. Scott Keegan with Indiana State Police. “Rush County deputies spotted [one of the funnel clouds], there’s no confirmation on any of those.”

Rush County EMA says there was damage to Arlington Elementary School. That damage is minimal, and mostly to doors. A structural engineer is expected to access any further issues.