INDIANAPOLIS — Few sandwiches can stand up to the gargantuan gastronomic feat that is a stacked pastrami sandwich.

The delicacy which, per Mashed, was brought to the United States by Jewish immigrants is still front and center of most Jewish deli menus in the U.S. today, including Shapiro’s Delicatessen in Indianapolis.

The deli’s pastrami is getting national recognition with a spot on Mashed’s list of the “Absolute Best Pastrami in the US.

To be clear, this is not a list where the best offering in each state is celebrated. Only 12 restaurants in the entire country made the list, making Shapiro’s inclusion that much more impressive.

“If you think the Midwest might not be the best place to find a great Jewish deli, one stop at Indianapolis’ Shapiro’s Delicatessen will have you changing your tune,” wrote Mashed.

According to the list, Shapiro’s uses fatty meat from a cow’s belly, flavors it with spices, and then lightly smokes it.

The deli’s pastrami sandwich is available in a traditional style or a PLT, Shapiro’s take on a BLT.

The Indianapolis institution has been family-owned and operated for more than 115 years and serves breakfast. lunch, and dinner. It’s almost been widely acclaimed for its corned beef sandwich.

Shapiro’s has two locations: 808 S. Meridian Street in downtown Indianapolis and another at the Indianapolis International Airport.

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