SHELBY COUNTY, Ind.- County fairs are just getting started and one in central Indiana is happening during this historic heat wave. The Shelby County fair officials are having to make some adjustments to keep everyone safe.

“Mother Nature found us. She knows there’s a county fair going on somewhere,” said Jennifer Thopy, Shelby County Fair Board president.

It’s been years since we’ve seen the heat index this high. Despite the animals in the barns having constant water, shade and fans blowing on them, they’ll be heading home early.

“I know on Wednesday morning we are going to be sending home the dairy cows, the beef cows, the sheep and then that way they can go home,” said Thopy.

Crews are making sure kids, workers and fair goers are staying hydrated and cooling misters have been added to the grounds.

“We actually have buildings with air conditioning. It’s cool under the grandstand and there are other places people can go to get out of the sun. We are trying to think about what we can and can’t do,” said Thopy.

There is an emergency command center set up with first responders just in case anyone needs help.

“It’s hot. We usually come but it’s never been this hot that I remember. It hasn’t been this hot in a long time,” said Mary Clements, a fair goer.  

The Shelby County Fair goes until Sunday.