INDIANAPOLIS — Snow plows are at the ready as central Indiana expects more winter weather Monday night.

The first measurable snowfall of the season comes Saturday and with it unseasonably cold temperatures. With the chillier conditions, roads may turn slick with the winter precipitation.

Hamilton County EMA Dep. Director Ryan Tennessen said this past Saturday served as a reminder for people to drive cautiously when snow or ice is on the ground.

”The key things would be slow down, take your time, don’t crowd the plows,” Tennessen said.

Tennessen said the beginning of winter comes with a learning curve as people are reminded how to safely drive during slick conditions.

”Always those first few snowfalls we have, it seems like we have more slide-offs or more accidents that seem to occur,” he said.

Tennessen said Saturday was no different. Snow causes some slick conditions leading to a few incidents but nothing too bad for Hamilton County.

Our first dose of winter weather also serves as a prep run for snow crews.

”We kind of got all of our rookies ready for the rest of the season that we have,” said INDOT spokesperson Kyleigh Cramer.

Indy DPW spokesperson Ben Easley agreed. Both said the departments are looking toward what could be coming this week.

“We’re seeing several forecasts that include up to an inch of precipitation, it sounds like, into Tuesday and then a couple of trace amounts into Wednesday,” Easley said.

Snow plow drivers for DPW and INDOT have both been preparing for the winter ahead since October.

”Our crews have spent hours in the classroom learning about their equipment, they have spent hours behind the wheel now,” Easley said.

Both agencies said they have enough staff for the job, too. 

”We have a crew of about 30 plus people just for the Indianapolis, Marion County area,” Cramer said.

With snowfall expected for Monday night into Tuesday morning, snow plows are ready to go in Indy and on state roads.

”We’re going to have our crews out in 12-hour shifts starting Monday night all the way through Wednesday,” Easley said.

Crews will be ready to go whenever.

”They’ll be on call in case the weather starts acting up around midnight, we’re out there,” Cramer said. “If it starts acting up around 3 a.m. we’re out there.”

Tennesseon said now is also the time to get your car ready for winter. Basic checks like wiper fluid and making sure your tires are properly inflated are a good idea. Tennessen also said you should have an emergency preparedness kit in your car.

”Extra hat, coat, gloves, salt and/or kitty litter to gain traction if you happen to go off the road. A snow shovel, an ice scraper, a first aid kit, and then snacks and water to get you by if you happen to get stranded,” he said.