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INDIANAPOLIS – A state commission voted to revoke the liquor license for a downtown Indianapolis bar.

The decision regarding Taps & Dolls affirmed the recommendation from the Marion County Alcoholic Beverage Board from last week.

The Indiana State Alcohol and Tobacco Commission also concurred with the county board’s decision to renew the license for Tiki Bob’s Cantina, located next door.

Both businesses had been seeking a renewal of their liquor licenses.

Indianapolis Metropolitan police had expressed concerns about both bars, but Taps & Dolls, police said, had been particularly problematic. IMPD made 166 runs to the bar last year, responding to 40 fights and three overdoses. They made 15 arrests.

Problems included a June incident in which dozens of shots were fired across the street from both bars, damaging cars and blasting holes in the windows of nearby condominiums and hotel rooms.

The owner of Taps & Dolls also admitted to state regulators that he’d provided falsified information regarding a separate liquor license, leading the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission to revoke the permit and issue fines.