(WEHT) – Today, there is a wide variety of loan products available to help Americans purchase what they need when they need it.

However, this comes with a price of interest, fees and too much added to the debt load can hurt credit scores. In the third quarter alone, household consumer debt has reached $17.29 trillion nationwide.

To determine what states are adding to their debt the most and the least, WalletHub conducted a study and found Indiana and Kentucky are among the states with the lowest increase in debt.

According to the study, Kentucky had the 4th lowest increase in debt across the state while Indiana had the 10th lowest increase across the state.

Illinois was mid-pack with the 19th-lowest increase.

  • Kentucky
    • Household debt: $101,374
    • Household debt increase: $426
  • Indiana
    • Household debt: $112,884
    • Household debt increase: $474
  • Illinois
    • Household debt: $126,406
    • Household debt increase: $531

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