WESTFIELD, Ind. — Sunny weather Wednesday means a great day at Colts Training Camp for hundreds of fans.

The second day of training camp was also Kids Day. There was music, superheroes ready for pictures, Marvel posters and plenty of games for the kids to play. It made the day fun for fans of all ages.

”She loves the Colts, she loves football and loves hanging out and having fun so it’s a perfect opportunity,” said Brett Macy, who brought his daughter Isabelle to her first Colts Training Camp.

”Any time we get a chance to do something like this its amazing,” said Macy.

For a lot of the families there, this is one last attempt to get some summer fun in.

”We wanted to do something before school started next week,” said one mom at Colts City with her husband and two kids.

Fans got an opportunity to return punts, throw at targets, practice tackling and more.

”You see the smiles and everything, you can’t complain about anything, so were having a blast,” said Zach, who was there with his brother-in-law and their kids.

Wednesday was the second open practice of Colts Training Camp. With rain on day one cancelling the fun of Colts City, day two was packed.

”It’s awesome that it’s so open and welcome to everyone in the community, especially for free,” said Chelsea Kopelman. She took her two boys, Crew and Roman, to Colts City for some fun before nap time.

Kopelman said this isn’t something you see in every NFL city.

”We have family and friends in lots of other cities with NFL teams that don’t make it this welcoming to coming out in preseason and getting to know the team,” Kopelman said.

After the kids get a little tired from all the activities, mom and dad get a chance to check out the team.

”Having the experience at Lucas Oil every Sunday and then bringing it here to Colts Camp, it’s a good experience so we look forward to coming here every year,” said Jordan, a Colts fan at camp with his sons.

This sunny Wednesday afternoon also offered a great chance for something everybody is looking forward to, the return of player autographs after practice.

”We’re excited to meet some player hopefully and I know these guys got some cards and stuff they’re super excited to get signed,” said Zach, another dad at camp with his kids.

COVID restrictions over the past two years haven’t allowed players to interact with fans as much, but not anymore.

Different position groups will be signing autographs and meeting fans at the end of each open practice.

If you missed out Wednesday, there are still plenty more days of Colts Training Camp to come check out. Just make sure you know what you need for Colts Camp before heading to Grand Park in Westfield.