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GOSHEN, Ind. — Officials have revealed four siblings were the victims in a deadly shooting in Goshen where two people died, including who police have identified as the suspected shooter.

It was originally reported that five people were hurt in a shooting at a home in Goshen on Saturday afternoon.

Officials say two males died: Richard Rios and 20-year-old David Varela Morales.

Police believe Morales shot Rios and his three siblings, members of the Arellano-Rios family.

“There is no further risk of additional individuals being injured as preliminary information does indicate that Mr. Morales was the shooter,” said Elkhart County prosecutor Vicki Becker.

While Morales was fatally injured, investigators have not revealed whether it was by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, if he was shot by another person, or if he died in another matter.

Investigators say the other three people that were shot are Rios’ siblings. We’re told several, if not all, are juveniles, but police have not shared their ages. They are recovering in the hospital, at last check.

“I understand a lot of people have questions right now. We just ask for respect. We will get answers….When we have answers, you guys will have answers. Until then, just to respect — we need time to let my family heal,” said the victims’ stepfather Sean Pounds during a news conference Monday.

Police have not revealed the relationship between Morales and the Arellano-Rios family due to the investigation being underway. Officials have said however, that despite rumors on social media, there is no indication the shooting was gang-related.

“What’s going on Facebook right now is embarrassing to our community. There is misinformation. There is speculation. There is gossip. There is rumor. And it’s ridiculous,” said Becker.

Goshen police Chief Jose Miller said the individual public is not in danger.

“Goshen is still a safe place. I would let my kids live here. My kids do live here. I bring my kids here. I’m not worried about the safety of my children. I will say a lot of these events are targeted. It’s not random acts against somebody walking down the street. It’s targeted events. The problem is it’s targeted with innocent people in the wake.”

Police are expected to give more information as the investigation continues.