PUTNAM COUNTY, Ind. — Five spent casings were still in the cylinder of a handgun used to kill the victim of a deadly Putnam County shooting. She was shot five times, and the gun, police said, belonged to her 72-year-old husband.

That man, Joseph Rosa, was formally charged Tuesday with the murder of his wife Nancy Rosa.

Nancy Rosa’s body was found in the living room of her home on Sunday, May 14. Her husband, Joseph Rosa, told police he woke up that morning to find his wife lying on the floor, surrounded by blood. When he poked her with his finger, she was “stiff as a board.”

Investigators found two handguns in the living room, including a .357 revolver. Police said the revolver was one of almost 70 weapons found in the house. All were owned by Joseph Rosa.

The five spent casings found in the .357 revolver’s cylinder had all been fired, according to police.

Based on her wounds, evidence technicians determined Nancy Rosa had been shot at close range. The technicians also found blood spatter on Joseph Rosa’s hand, clothes and shoes, according to court documents.

Police said Joseph Rosa told them he didn’t remember shooting his wife, but he must have done it based on the evidence. At the end of his interview with detectives, he reportedly told them to “take me to jail” and asked if he could have the death penalty as he was being booked into the Putnam County Jail.

During another interview the following day, Rosa said it was “obvious” he had shot and killed his wife, according to police.

Joseph Rosa is next due in court in July.