It seems like there’s no more popular time to watch scary movies than October, and with so many types of horror flicks to choose from, it can be hard to nail down a favorite.

Wishlisted looked at data from Rotten Tomatoes and Google Trends to find the most popular Halloween movie in each state.

According to the list, “Host” is the most popular movie for Hoosier horror fanatics.

The 2020 film is set during the lockdown stage of COVID pandemic and follows a group of friends who stay in touch via Zoom calls. The calls take a terrifying turn when one friends decides to hold a séance virtually.

Wishlisted also ranked the top five most “horror-obsessed” states and territories. Oregon, Washington, D.C., Utah, Vermont and Virginia made up the list.

You can see the full list to learn which Halloween movies come out on top in other states.