INDIANAPOLIS — There will be several downtown visitors sporting FFA jackets, as the city plays host to the organization’s annual gathering this week.

The National FFA Convention is one of the biggest annual events that comes to Indianapolis each year, and brings about $40 million into the local economy as well.

“The city definitely rolls up its sleeves and rolls out the red carpet for this group and it’s something we look forward to every single Fall,” said Nate Swick, communications manager at Visit Indy.

Almost 70,000 attendees have come to Indianapolis to partake in the convention, associated events and just take in the city.

“Lots of stuff goes on this week and there’s some really cool community initiative products as well. These students go throughout the streets in Indianapolis and make an impact,” said Swick. “We’re excited about this and what’s happening inside the convention center but I know the students are so thrilled to head to Gainbridge Fieldhouse tonight and tomorrow for back to back country concert nights.”

The convention wraps up Saturday, but this is far from the last crowds to come to Indy in 2022.

Along with more events in November and holiday celebrations, the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show will also bring thousands more to the city in December.

“After we wrap National FFA this week the next couple of months are huge for the city,” Swick said. “We’re definitely trending in a great direction compared to 2020 and 2021…we’re on our way back to a full recovery here in the next year or so.”