INDIANAPOLIS — “These are the moment we live for,” said IMPD Sgt. Shawn Anderson. Nodding in agreement was Sgt. Richard El.

The two were among the first IMPD officers to reach a weathered black Honda in an Indianapolis parking lot, where inside in his car seat was 5-month-old Kason Thomas.

“He was a little cold, but we were able to pick him up and warm him up,” said Sgt. El.

A frantic search for Kason and his twin brother Kyair began Monday when both went missing in Columbus, Ohio. Their mother had left the boys in the vehicle while she dashed into a restaurant to pick up a pizza.

In the brief time, the mother was gone, someone took the car and the twin babies in the backseat. Columbus Police would later identify Nalah Jackson as their person of interest in the kidnapping.

A day later, Kyair was found at the Dayton Airport, but there was no sign of Kason. The search continued.

While IMPD won’t release specifics at this time, it appears tips started coming in that Jackson was in Indianapolis. Late Thursday afternoon, the Columbus OH Police Chief Elaine Bryant announced Jackson has been picked by IMPD, “At this moment, she is being questioned by the police. However, Kason Thomas was not with her at the time of her arrest.”     

The arrest announcement came as a cruelly frigid winter storm was wading into Central Indiana.

“Once it got it got about six o’clock or so there was more urgency to find out where baby Kason was at,” said Anderson.

Finally, news about a black Honda parked near downtown was relayed to IMPD. Inside was Kason alone, dressed in a onesie but otherwise okay. The news that Kason was in safe hand was an answered prayer to the boy’s grandmother LaFonda Thomas back in Columbus, “I got my baby! I got my baby!”

A photo released by IMPD shows Kason safely in the arms of Sgt. Anderson.

Said Anderson about that moment, “It felt like the relief of holding one of my own children. It was one of the best feelings and experiences that I’ve had in my 23 years in law enforcement.

Sgt. El added, “We’re just fortunate and happy that we were able to reunite him with his family so they could spend Christmas together.”

It is not clear when Kason and the Thomas family will be reunited, although IMPD acknowledges that the child has been looked over by medical staff.

Jackson is being held here on a single Level 6 count but is expected to be returned to Ohio to face much more serious charges.