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INDIANAPOLIS — So far, it’s been a lousy New Year for Moe Eedous, especially this last week.

“I did not even sleep. I’m on the phone 24/7 talking to people, reaching lawyers and attorneys getting advice,” Eedous said.

Eedous has been dealing with the aftermath of a Far East Side business poaching the name of a well-known group of restaurants, Jordan’s Fish and Chicken.

At one time, Eedous owned the Central Indiana eateries bearing the name. But in recent years, all but two of the restaurants were sold off. Some were allowed to temporarily keep the Jordan’s name. Others were not. Still, other locations popped up touting they were a Jordan’s, too. Except they weren’t.

One of those faux-Jordan’s was at 4175 North Post Road in Indianapolis. Over the New Year’s holiday weekend, a video surfaced from a customer at this location showing the kitchen.

Workers were seen in one video in socks or sandals stepping over prepared food that was sitting on the floor. In another video, a mouse is clearly visible sitting on the floor.

For the Far East Side community, there has been lingering outrage.

“We still would believe and hope that if you build a restaurant in our community that you would treat us as humans and not as animals,” said Antonio Patton, CEO of Move, Inc.

The Marion County Public Health Department moved in quickly. An inspector issued an emergency closure order.

Administrator of the Food and Consumer Safety Department Janelle Kaufman said there’s just one way the business could open again.

“We’d do a thorough inspection and make sure that they meet the parts of the food code, and they get into compliance before we allow them to re-open,” she said.

The episode also caused a drop in sales among the nine legitimate Jordan’s locations. Eedous would not say how much. He and the other owners now face the task of defending the Jordan’s brand, which could be an expensive proposition.

“It doesn’t matter,” Eeodous said. “We have to do what’s right to protect our name and our business.”

That defense began in earnest on Monday. Attorney Trezanay Atkins said the legitimate Jordan’s owners have received approval for a trademark application from the state of Indiana protecting the restaurants’ name and logo. A federal trademark application has also been submitted.

Atkins explained that the state trademark designation will allow her to issue cease and desist orders to any business using the Jordan’s brand. It also opens the door for further legal action for persistent trespassers.

Identified by Atkins as the illegitimate locations using the Jordan’s name are:

  • 2066 North Illinois Street, Indianapolis
  • 3633 South Keystone Avenue, Indianapolis
  • 4351 Lafayette Road, Indianapolis
  • 6416 West Washington Street, Indianapolis
  • 4175 North Post Road, Indianapolis

The authorized Jordan’s Fish and Chicken restaurants are:

  • 5841 Crawfordsville Road, Indianapolis
  • 4824 South Emerson Avenue, Beech Grove
  • 7035 East 96th Street, Indianapolis
  • 7534 Shadeland Avenue, Indianapolis
  • 7003 East 38th Street, Indianapolis     
  • 6165 Allisonville Road, Indianapolis
  • 404 East Thompson Road, Indianapolis
  • 403 East Freeland Road, Greenburg