NOTE: An earlier version of this story stated the individuals received lifetime bans based on information from Greenwood police. Police later released a correction stating the ban was only for one year.

GREENWOOD, Ind. — Several individuals have been banned from the Greenwood Park Mall after police say they were carrying guns inside the property Saturday afternoon.

Police responded to the mall around 3 p.m. after getting a report of individuals carrying firearms in the mall’s food court area.

Officers confirmed three people had firearms. One of them had a “high-capacity magazine” in his backpack according to Greenwood public information officer Matthew Fillenwarth.

Police say as the group was standing in line at the food court, a spring-loaded magazine fell out of the backpack, sending bullets across the floor.

A woman sitting in the food court saw the magazine and kicked it away from the individual who dropped it.

The individual who dropped the magazine picked it back up and then was seen running into the women’s bathroom to put it back in the backpack, according to police.

One man was sitting in the parking lot, when he saw at least six Greenwood police officers arrive “out of nowhere.”

“They ran into the mall with rifles,” described the man, who wished to stay anonymous.

After investigating, Greenwood police determined the group was lawfully carrying under Indiana state law.

“At no time did the individuals display a weapon and no threats were made,” said Greenwood police in a statement on their Facebook page.

The individuals were released by police.

The Greenwood Park Mall has issued one-year bans to all three individuals. Weapons are prohibited at all Simon mall properties based on the company’s Code of Conduct.

In July, three people were killed and two others were hurt when a gunman opened fire at the Greenwood Park Mall’s food court. The gunman was shot and killed by a citizen carrying a firearm at the mall.