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La PORTE, Ind. — A hospital in Northwest Indiana has informed its patients that some of their medical information may have been uploaded on YouTube after a vandal broke into the former La Porte Hospital — which is scheduled for demolition — and took video of medical records that were still on site.

According to Northwest Health-La Porte, the hospital learned of the incident in early March after a video was uploaded to a YouTube account that showed the medical records.

The hospital said the medical records were illegally removed from locked shredding bins that were still being stored at the old La Porte Hospital. The records were scattered on the ground by the vandal(s) and filmed for the video that would eventually be uploaded to YouTube.

The old hospital is vacant and scheduled for demolition but not all the hospital property has been removed from the site yet, Northwest Health said.

After learning of the incident, the hospital “immediately went to the old facility to retrieve the records,” according to Northwest Health.

The hospital said most of the records taken from the bins contained patients’ names, hospital accounts, medical record numbers and limited demographic information.

“In a limited number of cases, the records contained a patient’s Social Security number, prescription information, insurance information and/or billing information,” Northwest Health said.

The hospital has filed a lawsuit against the owner of the YouTube account and asked YouTube to remove the video.

“Because the video is private, the hospital cannot confirm whether the video has been removed from this person’s YouTube account,” Northwest Health said.

The hospital said letters have been sent to patients or their next of kin informing them about the incident along with offering patients a free one-year membership to a credit monitoring service.

Both the La Porte Police Department and the Indiana Attorney General’s Office are investigating the incident, according to Northwest Health.