INDIANAPOLIS — An elected constable in Marion County is seen on video getting into a brief physical confrontation with an IMPD officer this week.

The dispute between the two members of law enforcement all started when an IMPD officer was working off-duty to assist a packing company with an eviction at a home on North Grant Avenue.

On the front steps of that home, the elected constable for Center Township claims she was assaulted by an IMPD officer when she tried to halt an eviction order.

“He attacked me. He pushed me down. Tried to kill me,” said Center Township Constable Denise Hatch.

Video of the brief physical confrontation was recorded by an employee of a packing company on scene and uploaded to YouTube.

The video shows Constable Hatch get pushed back from entering the home by a fully uniformed officer. That set off a lengthy profanity-laced argument between Hatch and two IMPD officers on Tuesday. Hatch repeatedly shouted obscenities at both officers.

During a news conference outside the Center Township Government Center, Hatch defended her words and her actions.

“I’m not one of those phony politicians and, yes, I used a couple curse words because that’s what they understand,” said Hatch.

Court records and police reports show a Center Township judge repeatedly granted an eviction order and allowed any law enforcement officer in the county to help enforce the move.

The tenant did file for a stay to prevent her and her kids from being removed from the home, but that request was not granted by the judge.

Hatch said the eviction shouldn’t happen because the tenant was the victim of a scam involving her rent. She did not provide any proof of that allegation.

Hatch also made other claims, including that Nick’s Packing stole a puppy from the property. Hatch did admit one of her own deputies was also fired after being involved in the alleged theft.

Hatch, who also criticized the judge in the case, insists she answers only to the voters.

“I am the constable. You know who got me here? The people of Center Township. Those are my bosses. I have several thousand bosses and, if I use a few curse words, I think my bosses will forgive me,” said Hatch.

IMPD issued a written statement acknowledging the confrontation and writing, “IMPD Chief Randal Taylor has spoken to Center Township Judge Brenda Roper to discuss the incident and steps moving forward.”

Although there is currently a valid eviction notice for the home, constable Hatch said she will not enforce that court order.