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INDIANAPOLIS — In a video that’s now gone viral, you can see a car driving across the frozen, icy water of the canal in downtown Indianapolis.

IMPD arrested the woman accused of being behind the wheel, 33-year-old Biankia Gleason. According to a police report, Gleason was arrested for drunk driving.

Police responded to the scene on the canal and New York Street around 11 p.m. on Christmas night.

The driver told firefighters GPS took her onto the canal in the area of the Colts Playspace. She told them she went down an embankment, through the park and onto the canal. When she hit a dead end on 10th street, she turned around and headed south.

Her car broke through the ice before she got to New York Street. She made it out of the car with the help of some people nearby and was checked out by first responders.

FOX59 spoke with the person who took the now-viral video. Mason Brauchla was taking out the trash when he saw the headlights: “I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing.”

Brauchla said, “I couldn’t believe, first off, the ice was even supporting their car for that long. They were probably going 30 miles per hour, at least. I was just shocked.”

Gleason has bonded out of jail.