On Monday, the Marion County Public Health Department closed the restaurant “to protect public health and safety.”

Here is the full statement from the health department:

The Marion County Public Health Department attempted to perform an inspection this morning at the Jordan’s Fish-Chicken-Sandwiches located at 4175 N. Post Road in Indianapolis based on a complaint from Sunday evening. When an MCPHD inspector visited this morning at the restaurant’s posted opening time, the building was locked and no employees were present. While there, the inspector noticed a large amount of spilled grease in an area outside of the restaurant. Based on this violation and the nature of the initial complaint, the health department suspended the operating license for this location and a notice was placed on the front door. An inspection and approval from MCPHD Food and Consumer Safety will be needed before the restaurant can legally reopen and resume serving the public. MCPHD will continue to monitor.


INDIANAPOLIS — A video posted by a concerned customer online appears to show numerous health code violations, including mice in the kitchen and food on the floor, inside a chicken restaurant on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

One customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he went to the restaurant recently when he saw the unsanitary conditions. The restaurant, which is located at the intersection of 42nd Street and Post Road near Lawrence, specializes in chicken, gyros and fish.

The man who recorded and posted a video of the restaurant’s kitchen online said he was waiting in line to order when he saw a door in the back cracked open.

“[I] walked towards the door to look through it and saw a lot of unsanitary conditions and activity going on behind the door,” the man said. “[I] opened the door and started recording from my phone.”

The video, which was submitted to FOX59, appears to show employees operating in a kitchen that has numerous food items stored on the ground. At one point in the videos, a mouse can be seen walking around the restaurant.

Both videos recorded by the concerned customer are below. WARNING: these videos contain profanity.

Video allegedly recorded recently inside Indianapolis restaurant
Video allegedly recorded recently inside Jordan’s Fish and Chicken

Kitchen employees, some of whom appear to not be wearing shoes but rather just socks, are shown continuing to prepare food in the messy kitchen while the customer records.

On Sunday, the Marion County Health Department said that they have received inquiries regarding the restaurant and that it has been passed on to the food division. However, the department offices are closed on Monday. No further information was provided.

FOX59 has reached out to the restaurant for a statement.