INDIANAPOLIS — Autumn has arrived in earnest in Central Indiana which means it’s time to bust out the rakes.

But when exactly does leaf collection begin in Indianapolis?

On Friday, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works announced that leaf pickup in Indianapolis will begin on Monday, November 7.

Residents will be able to leave up to 40 bags of leaves per week to be picked up on their regularly scheduled collection day, DPW said. There is no additional cost for the leaf pickup.

DPW reminds citizens, however, that while the week of Thanksgiving will operate on a sliding schedule, leaf collection is expected to occur on the same day as each home’s standard trash collection.

Leaf collection will end on Friday, December 2, so make sure to have your lawns raked free and ready before then.

DPW provided the following guidelines to follow during leaf collection:

  • Place leaves in plastic bags. Paper bags can deteriorate and break apart in wet weather.
  • Keep bags at least three feet away from your trash cart for easy pickup.
  • Leaf bags should be outside by 7 a.m. on your normal trash day.

DPW reminds residents to keep leaves cleared from storm drain inlets while raking to prevent drainage and flooding problems. Residents are also asked not to rake leaves onto the streets, since that can cause issues for city street sweepers.

Leaves collected by DPW are taken to the South Side Landfill where they are composted. The mulch is given away in spring at no cost.

To get rid of leaves outside of the four-week leaf collection season, residents can place bags of leaves inside their trash can or take them to the Citizens’ Transfer Station on Saturdays.

DPW reminds residents that burning leaves is illegal in Marion County as it releases harmful particles into the air.

If a leaf collection crew misses your home, DPW advises residents to open a service request via RequestIndy or by calling the Mayor’s Action Center at (317) 327-4622.

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