There are few things more alluring than a chocolate chip cookie that’s been baked to perfection.

Some prefer their CCCs with a bit of crispiness on the edges, while others prefer theirs soft and buttery with a scattering of sea salt flakes on top.

Said to be created in 1938 by the owners of the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts, the original chocolate chip cookie recipe has been tweaked and modified by thousands of professional bakeries and home bakers alike.

Yelp has compiled a list of where to find the best chocolate chip cookie in each state.

Besides celebrated bakeries like Amelia’s in Indiana and Gideon’s Bakehouse in Florida, some interesting entries on the list include a pizzeria in Idaho as well as a chicken spot in Colorado.

Yelp says it’s an all-time list of businesses that sell chocolate chip cookies that were then ranked on factors like the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning “chocolate chip cookie.” 

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is August 4.