WHITELAND, Ind. — The Whiteland Fire Department confirmed they responded to a potentially dangerous situation early Tuesday morning.

Fire officials said they were called to a residence on Pearl Street just after 4 a.m. for a possible carbon monoxide.

Two people were found outside, feeling sick from possible CO poisoning. Crews quickly assisted the people outside with the medic crew.

Crews then went into the home to check the CO levels. Officials said the levels were within “explosive limits” for natural gas along with very high CO levels.

Firefighters began ventilating the structure and went to check for more people on the other side, but there was no response.

The crew forced the door on the other side of the duplex since there was a car in the driveway and neighbors advised someone lived there.

Officials said they found an unconscious male in the back bedroom on the floor next to his bed. The crew rapidly moved the victim outside the structure and provided him with medical care.

The man later regained consciousness and was taken to the hospital for further evaluation. Two people in total were taken to the hospital for treatment.