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MONTPELIER, Ind. — A 46-year-old woman has pleaded guilty to driving through a Montpelier home and fatally striking a 74-year-old man and his 5-year-old grandson in June. A 2-year-old girl and another man were also injured in the incident.

The Blackford County Superior Court confirmed that Brandi Bare pleaded guilty to all charges on Friday, including multiple counts of causing death when operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, reckless homicide, and causing serious bodily injury when operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Brandi Bare

According to the Montpelier Police Department, Bare crashed through the home on E. Blaine Street on June 2. She reportedly drove her vehicle off Main Street and through the backyard of the Blaine Street home before bursting through the entirety of the home and coming to a stop only after hitting a parked vehicle in the driveway.

Police said 74-year-old Jerry “Jake” Michael and his 5-year-old grandson Jenson Reynolds were gathered on the front porch at the time Bare crashed through the home. Both were pronounced dead on scene. Another child and man were taken to the hospital with injuries.

Court records revealed that Bare had been found crying on the ground after the accident, sobbing out that she “didn’t mean to do it.” She had blood shot eyes and slurred speech.

After being handcuffed, Bare had tried to escape police and flee into the woods.

Originally, Bare was issued a $5,000 bond. A petition that garnered more than 9,000 signatures helped sway a judge into ordering her bond raised, however, to $50,000.

Court documents revealed Bare had a history of driving under the influence and had been previously charged with driving while drunk in 2012 and 2020.

Bare will be sentenced on Nov. 4 at 9 a.m. A single Level 4 felony could result in between 2 to 12 years in prison. Bare pleaded guilty to two Level 4 felonies along with four Level 5 felonies.