PLAINFIELD, Ind. — A tree cutting service accidentally dropped a tree on a Plainfield woman’s car. Now she says little is being done to remedy the problem.

“Here it still sits for me to have to see this every day. To look at what they have done, and not respond back to me,” said Penny Senour.

About a year ago, Senour says she warned her landlord about a dangerous tree in her yard. Recently, Ault Tree Service came to cut it down. Senour claims the company told her she wouldn’t have to move her cars.

While she was at the hospital with her grandchild, the company cut it down. That’s when it fell on her Mercury Sable, totaling the vehicle. The car was going to be used by her granddaughter who had just put $900 worth of brand new tires on the car.

“It belonged to my aunt, who passed it down to my baby sister, who passed it down to me,” explained Senour. “They are both deceased now. I don’t have either one of them. I told them that I would take good care of this car because I loved the car.”

Ault Tree Service says the tree let go from the ground up. They have never seen that happen in their 30 years in business. They say they contacted their insurance company 25 minutes after the accident. Senour, her neighbors, and the landlord all say Ault offered to pay for the damages out of pocket, but the landlord requested they go through insurance.

Senour claims the tree was visibly rotting and leaning. Her landlord says she and Ault Tree Services inspected the tree before the cut and did not notice the rotting beforehand.

For three weeks the wood lay in her driveway at the insurance adjusters request.

“Still two weeks later nothing was done after the adjuster came out,” continued Senour.

Ault says they have reached out to the insurance company several times, however that company has not been getting back to them. It’s left them in a holding pattern. Ault believed the issue would be resolved in a week or so with insurance. They never expected it to take a month or more.

After the adjustor gave the all clear, Ault came to clean up the debris. Brandon Hopkins, a neighbor, says his girlfriend asked the tree service company for their name. He says a heated argument ensued. The confrontation was caught on camera.

“I did step in to intervene because he was getting nasty with her children present, and it escalated from there,” says Brandon Hopkins, a neighbor living near Senour.

Ault Tree Service and Senour’s landlord say they will be working hard this week to get the issue resolved.