INDIANAPOLIS — Get your bounce on! The “World’s Largest Bounce House” is coming to an Indianapolis-area farm in May.

Bounce America is taking its giant inflatable attractions across the country this summer including a stop at Waterman’s Family Farm on E. Raymond Street on Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15.

The Big Bounce America features four attractions:

  • The World’s Largest Bounce House: This play zone covers an area of more than 16,000 square feet and is 32 feet tall at its highest point. Kids can go down giant slides, play in ball pits, climb towers, and play basketballs while a resident DJ directs the party and hosts games.
  • Sport Slam: This is a customized play zone filled with goals, nets, hoops and balls. You can even challenge friends to a “battle zone” to see who can stay on their podium the longest.
  • The Giant: Do you have A LOT of energy? Then test yourself with the Giant – a mega obstacle course with more than 50 challenges including a monster slide at the end.
  • airSPACE: This alien-themed area has a five-lane slide and is filled with friendly ETs, spaceships and moon craters.

Tickets will be sold for sessions based on age groups: Toddler (3 or younger), Junior (ages 4 to 7), Bigger Kids (ages 8 to 15), and Adults (16 and up).

Tickets for toddlers start at $19 but appear to be sold out on the Big Bounce’s website. Tickets for all other age groups are $32 and are still available.

Toddlers must be accompanied in the play areas with a parent or guardian at least 16 years old. That parent or guardian must have a ticket. You do not need a ticket to watch.

Shoes can not be worn in the play areas.

Big Bounce America says they are the only Guinness-certified world record holder of The World’s Largest Bounce House.

You can find out more about tickets and times here.