YORKTOWN, Ind. — A Yorktown driver was arrested after police say he slammed into two trucks and hit a building possibly while racing another vehicle earlier in September.

According to a police report, John Aaron Laffoon, 51, crashed his 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor into two other trucks on W. Smith Street on the evening of September 9. One truck was hit as the driver was making a left turn, and the other was hit from behind.

The police report then indicates Laffoon hit a light post and ended up “ramming through” a building on W. Smith Street, damaging three cinder blocks and a nearby auto repair business.

Witnesses told police they saw Laffoon speeding on W. Kilgore Street before the crash, along with a white Charger.

Security cameras from a nearby business showed the F-150 and the Charger driving west on Kilgore.

A resident’s security camera captured the actual crash, according to the police report. The video showed a truck hitting another truck before ramming into a building. The white Charger was seen leaving the area after the crash.

Laffoon may have caused as much as $248,000 worth of property damage in the crash, police state.

One of the other trucks’ drivers suffered a broken toe and bruising in the collision. The other driver was checked out at the hospital.

Laffoon was arrested on Sept. 24 on preliminary counts of criminal mischief, criminal recklessness with a vehicle, reckless driving, aggressive driving and (participating in) a speed contest.