INDIANAPOLIS – Congress continues to consider federal action on gun control amid mass shootings in Buffalo, Uvalde, Tulsa, among others. In an address at the White House, President Biden pleaded with lawmakers to take action. The administration is calling for several policies, including age limits, stronger background checks, and an assault weapons ban.

“Let us meet the moment,” President Biden said. “Let us finally do something.”

The president says it’s on Congress to reform gun laws. House lawmakers appear deeply divided after an hours-long hearing to consider gun control legislation. Meanwhile, other lawmakers are committed to finding a compromise. The House could vote on its bill next week, while the Senate’s version could draw up enough support on a bipartisan basis. Sen. Chris Murphy (D – Connecticut) is leading that effort with his Democratic colleagues.

“Our goal is to get a piece of legislation that saves lives.” Sen. Murphy said.

Meanwhile, several Republican lawmakers say the bills don’t address the root causes of mass shootings. While debating the House version, Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY-04) said the proposals won’t make anyone safer.

“All the rest of these are going to fail, the criminals do not follow the law,” Rep. Massie said.

Meanwhile, we’re hearing from the Indiana mayor whose social media comments drew backlash after an expletive filled exchange with a gun-rights supporter. Zionsville Mayor Emily Styron says she’d do it all over again if she had to.

“I have absolutely every right to express my opinion and my outrage over an entire school room of children being mowed down with a gun.”

Joel Bardach, who the mayors comments were directed at, says he has nothing against the mayor, but feels her approach was inappropriate.

“If it means that much to you… then approach it like the professional you claim to be,” Bardach said.

Watch more of the federal response on gun reform plus the fallout from Mayor Styron’s comments in the video above.