INDIANAPOLIS – After the tragic mass shooting in a Greenwood mall, it’s sparking new debate on gun laws here in Indiana, particularly surrounding the state’s new permitless carry policy.

Lawmakers remain divided over what action to take following the shooting. Although gun control isn’t on the agenda for the special session, State Rep. Mitch Gore wants to change that. His community of Beech Grove also experienced violence when four people were shot in a park just hours after the events in Greenwood. State Sen. Gore says he wants to start a conversation on gun violence.

“If we could get the ball rolling with this piece of legislation, it won’t be the answer to all of these issues, but will be a really good first step,” State Sen. Gore said.

Democratic lawmakers have been critical of Indiana’s gun laws, namely the new permitless carry legislation that took affect less than three weeks ago. It allows most Hoosiers age 18 and older to carry a handgun without a permit. Authorities say the bystander who stopped the Greenwood shooter was carrying his gun legally under the permitless carry law. State Sen. Jack Sandlin (R-Indianapolis) believes the laws currently on the books do a good job with allowing Hoosiers defend themselves.

“People that are lawfully carrying firearms are creating no harm, but has the right to self-defense,” State Sen. Sandlin said.

Meanwhile, leaders are praising that bystander for stopping the shooting, Elisjsha Dicken. In a statement, Gov. Eric Holcomb said he “joins all Hoosiers in being grateful for the quick, heroic actions taken by an individual citizen and first responders.”

“I stand with the community in grieving the loss of lives, and my thoughts are also with the many people impacted…” Gov. Holcomb said.

Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers (R) says he’s proud of the residents of his community in the tragedy’s aftermath.

“We have had so much outpouring of love, kindness, of people offering their assistance however it could be,” Mayor Myers said.

Watch more reactions after the Greenwood Park Mall shooting in the video above.