INDIANAPOLIS – There were historic moments in the nation’s capital as Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to the Supreme Court. The Senate voted in favor of her nomination 53-47, becoming the first Black woman to sit on the Supreme Court. Three Republicans crossed the aisle and voted to confirm Judge Jackson with the Democrats, despite both of Indiana’s Senators voting “no.”

“We have come a long way towards perfecting our Union,” Judge Jackson during a ceremony at the White House. “In my family, it took just one generation to go from segregation to the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Senator Mike Braun (R) explained his decision to vote against Judge Jackson, saying that he kept his “promise to treat this nominee with respect.” In a statement, Sen. Braun said he still has concerns with Judge Jackson’s judicial philosophy.

“I previously voted against Judge Jackson due to her activist judicial approach, and based on her record on the federal bench… I will vote against her nomination,” Sen. Braun said.

Commenting on the idea of creating policy on the on the bench was Indiana native and Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. At an event held at the Ronald Reagan Library, she said judges try their best to avoid creating political agendas while deciding law.

“No judge is deciding a case in order to impose a policy result,” Justice Coney Barrett said. “They are trying to make their best effort to determine what the law requires, what the Constitution requires…”

Speaking in support of Judge Jackson’s nomination is Congressman André Carson (D-IN-7). All throughout the confirmation process, Rep. Carson encouraged the Senate to vote yes on what he calls a history-defining decision.

“She is the most qualified nominee we’ve had in decades, and her perspective… are needed on the Court,” Rep. Carson said.

Rep. Carson accused Republicans of playing politics for opposing her nomination.

“Well this is political pageantry, her qualifications are clear,” Rep. Carson said. “I think any attempt to minimize her or trivialize her, I think it speaks to our political environment and the fact that people will do whatever they can to not legislate… but lead with hashtags and headlines.”

Coming out against the nomination was Indiana Senator Todd Young (R), saying that Judge Jackson’s judicial activism could be a problem for the High Court. Sen. Young said he’s in favor of a more “originalist” approach to the Constitution. This sentiment is reportedly felt by many Republicans when considering Supreme Court Justices.

“If we take any other approach, one is basically reading into the Constitution ones own values,” Sen. Young said.

Watch more reaction following Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation in the video above.

Also this week, Congress is considering legislation to keep America competitive on the world stage against countries like China. In an effort led by Sen. Young, new investments would be made in the country’s artificial technology and quantum computing.

“We can’t be reliant on other countries for critical components related to our next-generation technologies,” Sen. Young. “The wars of the future will be won and lost possibly because of these sorts of technologies.”

Watch more on the bipartisan push to keep America competitive in the video below.