INDIANAPOLIS – With the midterm elections right around the corner, President Biden spoke to the nation in a high-profile address in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. It comes as former president Donald Trump continues to face scrutiny over classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago. This week, Indiana Rep. André Carson (D) and Senator Todd Young are giving their thoughts on the situation, plus the president’s recent actions on student loan forgiveness.

Rep. Carson, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, criticized the former president for his handling of the classified documents, as well as his response to the investigation. He adds that more information will come out as investigators continue their work.

“The American people will get to see how much disregard that Donald Trump had for our criminal justice system and our intelligence community,” Rep. Carson said. “And now he wants to play the victim. But my hope and dream is that justice will be served.”

Rep. Carson added that he’s in favor of the Justice Department taking action against the former president.

“If that were me or someone else, I think a different measuring stick would be used,” Rep. Carson said. “But since it’s Donald Trump, it hasn’t been. Now justice is being served in a swift way, and I appreciate it.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Todd Young said he was “still monitoring” the investigation into the former president, but wouldn’t comment further. However, he did share his thoughts on President Biden’s plan to forgive millions of dollars in student loans.

Under the plan, borrowers making less than $125,000 per year is eligible for $10,000 in forgiveness. An additional $10,000 can be forgiven if the borrower received a Pell Grant. However, there is debate in some states over the forgiveness counts as taxable income.

“I think the last thing Hoosiers are looking for right now is to redistribute wealth upwards, from people who begin work oftentimes right out of high school, towards people who receive four-year education or graduate degrees and are going to make a lot of money over the course of their lifetimes,” Sen. Young said.

Sen. Young believes that the plan will only worsen the country’s ongoing problem with inflation.

“It seems unfair, it seems irresponsible, and it will exacerbate our debt while it exacerbates our inflationary environment,” Sen. Young said.

Meanwhile, Rep. Carson commented that the U.S. has a crucial interest in providing access to quality education to every American.

“While I’m sensitive to [Republicans] concerns, I have not seen the same criticisms as it relates to us bailing out banks,” Rep Carson said. “I haven’t seen criticism as it relates to unfairness in our taxation system.”

Watch more from Rep. André Carson and Sen. Todd Young in the video above.