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INDIANAPOLIS -Attorney General Todd Rokita is speaking with IN Focus about a number of issues in the news, from Governor Holcomb’s lawsuit now headed to the Indiana Supreme Court, to the “critical race theory” debates gripping Indiana schools.

Rokita recently updated his so-called ‘Parents Bill of Rights’ and also issued an advisory opinion categorizing Black Lives Matter as a political organization.

“You can’t distinguish really between the phrase and the actions of this political organization,” Rokita said.

“I think schools should get back to the basics, focus on those things, so we can raise children that can compete again with the rest of the world and win.”

Rokita also expressed confidence in his stance on Governor Holcomb’s lawsuit against the legislature. In a new law passed this year, the Indiana General Assembly can call itself into a special session during a state of emergency. Indiana has been in a “public health emergency” since the early days of the pandemic, with Gov. Holcomb renewing the monthly declaration since March 2020. The law was initially blocked by the Governor, but the Republican-controlled General Assembly successfully overrode his veto.

Rokita sees Holcomb’s lawsuit as a loss for Hoosier taxpayers. As the state Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments in the case, Rokita says he’s ready to further “defend Hoosier liberties” and says he’s disappointed that the Governor failed to take a lower court’s ruling in the General Assembly’s favor.

“It turns out [Gov. Holcomb] didn’t like the guidance, so we’re all going to be paying now to keep defending that lawsuit,” Rokita explained.

As lawmakers consider ending Gov. Holcomb’s emergency declaration, Rokita says it reinforces why the law is necessary to push back against executive overreach. Expecting a positive Supreme Court outcome, Rokita said the state’s highest court supports the notion that “there’s really no emergency here” in Indiana.

Watch more of our interview with Attorney General Todd Rokita from this week’s IN Focus in the video above.