INDIANAPOLIS – Americans are protesting across the country over the leaked Supreme Court document that signals a potential end to federal protections for abortion. Now, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita is weighing in and speaking one-on-one with IN Focus, expressing support for a near total ban on abortion.

Looking at the possibility of a Texas-style abortion ban, otherwise known at a “Heartbeat Bill,” Rokita said he’s not worried of any potential lawsuit. He says the Attorney General’s Office will always be supportive of the Indiana Legislature passing pro-life bills.

“We do spend a lot of time and… a lot of your money on preserving the life issue and pro-life legislation,” Rokita said. “This is a very emotional issue for everybody, it’s a very significant issue.”

Rokita said abortion access has been the dominant political issue in recent years. Because of the issue’s high-profile nature, he says it’s natural to expect the Attorney General’s Office to spend more money defending Indiana’s stance.

“I’m not trying to run over or ignore other people’s thoughts on it,” Rokita said. “You’re gonna see your Attorney General’s Office spend a lot of time and money on it.”

On exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother, Rokita said it’s up to lawmakers to craft any potential legislation stemming from the court’s decision. However, he signaled that protections for the unborn should extend to all without exception. Pointing to his record as a former legislator and personal feelings as a Catholic, Rokita explained that he has been consistent on this issue.

“Life, to me, in whatever form God gives it, is precious,” Rokita said. “For all those reasons, my position is life should be protected without exception.”

Ten years ago here in Indiana, similar views and comments ultimately led to the defeat of U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, whose infamous remarks in a live debate drew national scrutiny.

Meantime this week, Democratic Senators on Capitol Hill failed to codify federal protections for abortions. After that high-profile effort, many including the Indiana general assembly are now waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision.

“We have to have respect for the fact that there are two lives, not just one,” Rokita said.

Watch more on the Attorney General’s comments in the video above.