INDIANAPOLIS – It was a big night for Indiana Republicans in the midterm elections.

At the same time, Democrats are celebrating nationally as results continue to trickle in showing the Democratic party keeping control of the U.S. Senate, with control of the House still up in the air.

Lopsided Senate and Statehouse races

As we wait to see who will control Congress and by what margin, it was a fairly lopsided race for U.S. Senate here in Indiana with Republican Senator Todd Young reelected to his seat, defeating Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott.

At the top of the ticket, Sen. Young secured another six years in the Senate. He says Congress needs to be more fiscally responsible on all fronts.

“We need to make sure that we work to pass spending bills… consistent with that budget,” Sen. Young said. “And all of that is in furtherance to get spending under control.”

Indiana’s congressional delegation will hold at seven Republicans and two Democrats. Republicans also won plenty of statewide races on the ballot. The GOP maintains the supermajority in the General Assembly and will have support in several executive positions. Secretary of State, Auditor, and Treasurer all went to the Republicans. In a high-profile contest, candidate Diego Morales (R) defeated Destiny Wells (D), despite criticism of his campaign on several issues.

“I will work as hard as I’ve been doing to make all of you proud, and take this office… to the next level,” Morales said to a Republican watch party on election night.

Democratic Victories

Democrats were able to hold their two seats in the House, Indiana’s 1st and 7th Districts. Rep. Frank Mrvan (D) defeated his Republican challenger Jennifer-Ruth Green, while Rep. André Carson (D) will stay in the 7th District’s seat covering much of Indianapolis, defeating Republican Angela Grabovsky.

“We have to rebuild again,” Rep. Carson said. “We need to tell every person who voted today, and who didn’t vote today, that they should never give up,” Rep. Carson said to Indiana Democrats on election night.

Sen. Braun’s possible run for governor

Sen. Mike Braun (R) will soon be on the campaign trail in 2024. But will he run for reelection to the Senate, or instead run for governor of the Hoosier State? He sat down with IN Focus to speak about the midterms, Republican results nationwide, and his own political future.

Sen. Braun believe the party can look towards its victories to chart a course for 2024.

“Across the country, I think you can look at places like Ohio and Florida… and I’m a big believer in you may learn something in places where [Republicans] were successful, and then try to parlay that into a national approach,” Sen. Braun said.

Sen. Braun says that Congress is repeatedly “out of bounds” on fiscal issues. He adds that with the House’s projected slim majority for Republicans, Rep. Kevin McCarthy doesn’t have a mandate for sweeping changes.

“I think we ought to have a business plan for the country,” Sen. Braun said. “Sooner or later, you’ve got to articulate what you’re for in the context of your party principles.”

Sen. Braun says that he was asked to consider a run for Indiana governor shortly after his first election to the Senate. Now, he says he will make “his decision known to the public soon.”

In our interview Wednesday afternoon, Braun said control of the Senate would not affect his decision on running for Senate re-election or instead for governor.

“I am going to make that public here soon, probably by the end of the month.”

Watch more of our recap following the midterms, plus our sit-down with Sen. Mike Braun in the video above.