INDIANAPOLIS – In less than two weeks, a new Indiana law will take affect that allows Hoosiers to carry a handgun without a permit. The existing law still prevents felons, fugitives, minors, and undocumented immigrants from carrying a firearm.

Law enforcement have raised concerns over how they will enforce the new law. Local agencies say they are getting ready for a major change with the same core restrictions.

“One thing we want to emphasize is that this law change does not create an opportunity for people to just possess firearms with impunity,” said Lt. Shane Foley of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

State Police officers are also concerned.

“This is not an open invitation for everybody to be able to carry a handgun,” said Capt. Ron Galaviz of the Indiana State Police.

Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, lawmakers are still crafting legislation after a bipartisan group of Senators announced a framework for new federal gun control measures. The plan involves federal background checks and encourages states to enact Red Flag Laws, similar to Indianas, which makes it easier for law enforcement to take away firearms from potentially violent individuals.

11 Republican Senators have signaled their support for the framework, while others are criticizing some of the bill’s restrictions. Indiana Senator Todd Young (R) spoke one-on-one with IN Focus to discuss some of those provisions.

“If we can’t find some way around this that protects Second Amendment rights and that brings everyone along, then maybe at least for the time being, you set that aside and you figure out if there are things that can get done,” Sen. Young said.

Sen. Young backed the mental health provisions within the Senate’s effort. He also pointed to Indiana’s laws as a framework for the nation.

“I commend the people of Indiana for implementing a Red Flag Law at the state level,” Sen. Young said. “I think that giving resourcing to states like Indiana to properly implement Red Flag Laws makes a lot of sense.”

Meanwhile, Senator Mike Braun (R) says that he’s waiting on a final version of the bill before committing his support for any provision. Both of Indiana’s Senators have supported many of the individual ideas presented in the Senate’s framework.

Watch more of the bipartisan framework on gun reform and law enforcement’s preparations for permitless carry in the video above.