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INDIANAPOLIS – The Senate is set to return to Capitol Hill this week to consider President Biden’s Build Back Better Act, with local lawmakers speaking out on where they stand on the nearly $2 trillion bill.

Speaking with our Washington bureau, Congressman Larry Buschon (R-IN-8) expressed skepticism that the legislation will tackle the economic woes facing Hoosier consumers and businesses. He believes that President Biden’s plan is only reckless government spending that will fail to address rising inflation.

“Infusing another big government spending bill into the economy is only going to worsen that situation,” Rep. Buschon said. “Fundamentally, I think that’s one of the big problems.”

White House Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy recently spoke with IN Focus to explain why GOP inflation fears are misguided. She says the spending bill currently in Congress, in addition to the infrastructure bill recently signed by President Biden, will provide much-needed relief for American families and taxpayers.

“The Build Back Better Act and the bipartisan infrastructure law, when you look at them together, do not add to any inflationary pressures,” McCarthy said. “These investments are going to be funded by making sure that everybody pays their fair share.”

McCarthy went on to say that corporations and “very wealthy individuals” will bear the brunt of the plan’s costs. She reiterated the Biden administration’s priorities with this legislation, looking to “move people out of poverty and expand the middle class.”

“These are all fully paid for, and in the end you are going to see that they are saving consumers money,” McCarthy said.

Focusing on the provisions to combat climate change, McCarthy touted the future investments in clean water and energy. The Build Back Better Act would provide about $550 billion to address climate change, from green infrastructure projects to replacing lead water pipes. These investments, McCarthy says, are key to recovering from the pandemic.

“There’s so much in here that is simply… building back better for our country, for every community, and every family,” McCarthy said.