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INDIANAPOLIS — A group of Indiana clergy leaders is calling on the governor to press for new gun safety laws in the state.

A recent open letter published in the Indianapolis Star calls on Governor Eric Holcomb to use this month’s special session to repeal the state’s new permitless carry law that law took effect last Friday. Any Hoosier allowed legally to carry a handgun can now carry one without a permit. Several law enforcement leaders have criticized the law.

The clergy are also calling for a ban on assault weapons.

Lawmakers plan to discuss direct inflation relief and abortion access restrictions at a special session. The meetings will start on July 25.

“Our governor and our legislators need to use the session, the special session, for gun violence prevention,” said David Mellott, president of the Christian Theological Seminary. “The truth of the matter is that we are experiencing a crisis of gun violence, and [it] has become a public health issue in our city, in our state, in our country. We want them to take meaningful action to curb violence in our streets.”

In response to this letter, Governor Holcomb’s office said, “… the special session was called by Gov. Holcomb for legislators to pass the governor’s inflation relief package. The legislators can discuss any issues they decide to tackle.”