INDIANAPOLIS – Among the people still trying to flee Afghanistan are family members of Hoosiers, and some of Indiana’s elected officials are doing what they can to help.

“I do fear for their lives,” said Tim Siddiq, an Indianapolis business owner who fled Afghanistan decades ago.

Siddiq and his brother Sharif have been trying to help dozens of their relatives still in Afghanistan leave.

“The list continues to change all the time,” said Sharif Siddiq, who works with his brother at Merchandise Warehouse. “There’s a big demand, there’s a big interest in people wanting to leave Afghanistan.”

Tim Siddiq said he reached out to both of Indiana’s U.S. Senators for help, as well as Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, who knows the family.

“The government of Qatar came and helped as a result of a relationship that I and others built when they came to Indiana last summer to visit,” Rokita said.

Tim Siddiq said since Rokita connected with officials in Qatar, more than 30 of his relatives have gotten out of Afghanistan and are staying in Doha until they can find a new home.

“If we have friends, Hoosiers help friends,” Rokita said. “And we had great allies there.”

Rokita said he will continue to help Afghan allies leave if he can do so.

As evacuees come through Camp Atterbury, the state is doing what it can to help some of them settle in Indiana once they’re vetted, Gov. Eric Holcomb said.

“Help with health needs or help with skilling up to enter the job market,” Holcomb explained.

Meanwhile, Tim and Sharif Siddiq are hoping to help more of their family members flee Afghanistan.

“The United States has to keep its promise, especially to translators, people that served us,” Tim Siddiq said.