WASHINGTON, D.C. – Republicans in Indiana’s congressional delegation are asking the White House to take action to reduce the costs that they say farmers are still concerned about.

All six House Republicans are calling on President Biden to ease regulations on pesticides, improve equipment supply chains and increase domestic fuel production. 

FOX59 spoke to Congressman Greg Pence (R-Indiana) about what inspired the letter.

“As I go around and come back to the sixth district every week, it’s a very agricultural area,” Pence said. “I hear about three things all the time: inflation, inflation, inflation and what’s happening to what the farmers call inputs, opportunities to sell. What they tell me is the credit corporation needs to take a look at crisis if we have another crisis like the pandemic in the future.” 

The group sent a letter to President Biden requesting these changes. They say they’re hoping to see those issues addressed by the president working with Congress.